How to Remove Bathroom Light Fixture Without Screws

Are you trying to remove a bathroom light fixture that doesn’t come with screws for easy removal? Changing a bathroom light fixture without screws can seem like an intimidating task, but with the right tools and knowledge, it’s actually quite easy! Whether you’re replacing old fixtures or giving your bathroom a much-needed facelift, there are ways to get the job done without having to worry about pesky screws or complicated wiring.

How to Remove Bathroom Light Fixture Without Screws

In this blog post, we’ll show you exactly how to remove bathroom light fixture without screws- no matter what kind of fixture it is – so that you can easily upgrade without any headache. We’ll walk you step-by-step through what needs to be done, so keep reading if you want to get rid of all those pesky fixtures with no problem at all.

From preparation tips to thoughtful advice on how not to spend hours trying in vain, we’ve got you covered! Keep reading for our essential guide on successfully removing your current bathroom light fixture with minimal fuss.

What to Keep in Mind While Removing Bathroom Light Fixture Without Screws

Removing a bathroom light fixture without screws can be tricky, so it’s important to keep the following in mind when you start:

1. Safety Wear

Put on safety glasses before starting work. If you don’t have safety glasses, you can purchase them online or at most hardware stores. You should also wear protective gloves to avoid potential injury from the sharp edges of the fixture and any tools you may need to use.

2. Test for Power

Before attempting to remove your light fixture, make sure that it is not receiving power by using a voltage tester or even just flipping the switch off and on again. It is important to make sure that no electricity is running through the fixture before you start working on it.

3. Disconnect Wires

Once you have tested for power, take a look at all of the wires and connections associated with your light fixture. You should be able to identify easily which ones are connected to the fixture and which ones are connected to the ceiling. Carefully disconnect any wires that are attached to the light fixture by gently pulling on them with insulated pliers or a screwdriver.

Carefully Disconnect Any Wires

How to Remove Bathroom Light Fixture Without Screws in 10 Easy Steps

Now that you have all of your safety gear on and have disconnected the wires, it’s time to get started on the actual task of removing your bathroom light fixture. Here are the steps you need to take:

Step 1: Locate the Mounting Bracket

Locate the mounting bracket that is attached to the ceiling for your bathroom light fixture. This will be a metal plate or bar that is secured to the ceiling with nails or screws – this is what holds the fixture in place.

Step 2: Unscrew Bracket Screws

Carefully unscrew the screws that connect the bracket to the ceiling or wall, taking care not to lose them. It is best to use an electric screwdriver or drill for this task as it will make it much easier and faster. Once all of the screws are removed, the bracket should come away easily.

Step 3: Remove the Fixture

Gently lift the fixture away from the wall or ceiling and set it aside. This step can be tricky if you have a large light fixture, so take your time to ensure that you don’t accidentally break anything. If the fixture is particularly heavy, you may want to ask a friend or family member for help.

Step 4: Disconnect any Wires

Once the fixture has been removed, take a look at all of the wires and connections associated with it. Carefully disconnect any wires that are attached to the light fixture by gently pulling on them with insulated pliers or a screwdriver. Make sure you pay close attention to which wires go where so that you can reconnect them correctly when it’s time to install the new fixture.

Insulated Pliers or a Screwdriver

Step 5: Remove the Old Fixture

At this point, you should be able to take off the old light fixture completely without any screws or tools. If there are still some pieces of the old fixture attached, you may need to carefully remove them with pliers or a screwdriver. Once all of the pieces are removed, you can discard the old fixture and start preparing to install your new one.

Step 6: Prepare New Fixture

Now it’s time to prepare your new light fixture for installation. Start by reading through the instructions that came with it so that you understand how to install it correctly. If you’re not sure, you can always consult a professional electrician for advice.

Step 7: Install New Fixture

Once you have read the instructions and double-checked that all of the pieces are in place, it’s time to start installing your new bathroom light fixture. Start by attaching the mounting bracket – this will usually involve either nails or screws – and make sure it is securely in place.

Step 8: Connect Wires

Now you need to carefully connect the wires from the light fixture to their corresponding wires on the ceiling or wall. Make sure that all of the connections are secure before moving on to the next step.

Step 9: Attach the Fixture

Once all of the wires and connections are in place, you can attach the light fixture to the mounting bracket. Make sure that it is firmly secured before flipping on the switch to test out your handy work!

Step 10: Clean Up

The final step is to clean up any debris or mess that was created while removing your old fixture and installing the new one. Make sure all of your tools are put away and that you do not leave any cords or wires lying around.

Final Step is to Clean Up Any Debris

That’s it! Now you know exactly how to remove bathroom light fixture without screws in no time at all. You should now have a brand new, safely installed light fixture in your bathroom for years of beauty and enjoyment.

8 Safety Precautions to Follow When Removing Your Bathroom Light Fixture

When attempting to remove a bathroom light fixture without screws, it is essential to take certain safety precautions. Doing so will ensure that you complete the task effectively and safely without damaging any of the fixtures or yourself. Here are 8 safety tips to keep in mind while removing your bathroom light fixture:

  1. Make sure to turn off the power to your bathroom light fixture before attempting to remove it. This will keep you safe from electric shock while working with the wires. When in doubt, consult a qualified electrician before starting work.
  2. Wear protective eyewear to shield your eyes from any flying debris. This will protect your eyes and face from injury while you are dismantling the light fixture. Protective gloves and a dust mask should also be worn during the process.
  3. Use caution when attempting to remove any screws or other fasteners that have been put in place to secure the light fixture. If you are having difficulty removing them, use a pair of pliers to get a good grip on the screw head and carefully remove it from its mount.
  4. When attempting to remove the light fixture, make sure to hold onto it securely. To prevent it from slipping and falling, consider using a ladder or some other type of support.
  5. Use caution when handling any exposed wires that are connected to the light fixture. Make sure the power is off before touching them, and use insulated tools such as wire cutters or pliers to handle the wires.
  6. Be mindful of any sharp edges on the light fixture, particularly if it is made of metal or glass. Make sure to wear protective gloves and be careful not to cut yourself with them.
  7. If you are replacing an old light fixture with a new one, make sure the new one is installed correctly and securely fastened in place. It should be tested to make sure it is functioning properly before being put into use.
  8. When the task of removing the light fixture is complete, it is important to clean up any debris that may have been created while performing the work. This will ensure a safe environment for you and anyone else in the area.
Wear Protective Eyewear to Shield Your Eyes

Following these 8 tips will help you remove your bathroom light fixture without screws safely and successfully. Remember to exercise caution and always consult a qualified electrician if necessary. With the right tools and safety precautions, you can complete this task quickly and easily.


As you can see, removing a bathroom light fixture without screws doesn’t have to be a difficult task. By following these simple steps and using the correct tools, you will be able to quickly and safely remove your old light fixtures.

Once the light fixture has been removed, you will need to measure the space in order for you to get an accurate size of what type of replacement light fixture you may want.

It is also important that when purchasing replacements or new fixtures you do your research on local codes and regulations to ensure it complies with them. With all of this helpful information, you should now have the knowledge necessary to successfully remove and replace a bathroom light fixture without any screws.

Follow these tips on how to remove bathroom light fixture without screws, and you should have no problem making your bathroom even more beautiful than before. Happy remodeling!

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