How to Change Under Cabinet Light Bulb

Are you having trouble seeing your kitchen countertops and pantry shelves clearly? Do you feel like it’s time to replace the weak lightbulb that is currently illuminating those spaces in your home? If so, this blog post will explain how to change under cabinet light bulb for something brighter.

How to Change Under Cabinet Light Bulb

Whether it’s a burnt-out bulb or an upgrade to something newer, we’ll walk through all of the steps with helpful illustrations so that you can make sure any shadowy spots in your kitchen are well-lit. So, if one of the lights in your cabinets has started flickering or dimming – don’t despair! Keep reading till the end and find out how easy changing a kitchen lightbulb can be!

The Function of Under Cabinet Light Bulb

Under cabinet, lights are designed to provide extra illumination for work surfaces, shelves, and other areas of your kitchen. In many cases, the LED lighting that is used in these fixtures is low-voltage and will use very little energy compared to traditional bulbs. The wattage of the bulb you’ll need depends on how much light you want to emit in that space.

In some cases, the lights may be connected to a switch or dimmer so you can control how much light is emitted. Make sure you check carefully before replacing your under-cabinet light bulb just in case it’s wired differently!

Things to Consider Before Changing Under Cabinet Light Bulb

Before you replace the existing lightbulb, it’s important to make sure that you have the correct wattage and size of the bulb. To determine which type of bulb to use, consult your owner’s manual or contact a professional for help.

Once you’ve chosen the right type of bulb, turn off the power to the fixture before you begin. Make sure that you do not touch any of the electrical components, as this could be dangerous. Also, remember to wear protective eyewear and gloves to prevent any accidents.

Required Items

  • Lightbulb (appropriate size and wattage)
  • Screwdriver
  • Protective eyewear
  • Gloves

7 Tips on How to Change Under Cabinet Light Bulb

1. Unscrew the Lightbulb Cover

Unscrew the lightbulb cover (or lens) from the fixture to access the bulb. Keep in mind that this cover can be difficult to remove, so be gentle when doing so. It can also be helpful to have a screwdriver or other tool handy to help you pry off the cover.

Unscrew the Lightbulb Cover

2. Remove Old Bulb

Once you’ve removed the lightbulb cover, carefully remove the old bulb from its socket by grasping it firmly and turning it counterclockwise until it comes out of the socket. Be careful not to touch the glass part of the bulb, as this could cause it to break.

3. Insert New Bulb

Take the new lightbulb and insert it into the socket, making sure that you’re following the same orientation as before when putting in the new bulb. Turn clockwise until it is securely fastened in place.

4. Replace Lightbulb Cover

Replace the lightbulb cover and screw it back in place. Make sure that you don’t overtighten the screws, as this can cause damage to the fixture itself. While replacing the cover, also check for any loose wires or other signs of damage.

5. Check Connections

After replacing the lightbulb cover, carefully inspect all connections to make sure that everything looks good and is properly connected. Pay special attention to any wiring that may have been moved during the process of changing the bulb, and make sure it’s re-connected.

6. Turn On the Power

Once everything looks good, turn the power back on and test out the lightbulb to make sure that it works properly. If it doesn’t, you may have a faulty connection or need to replace the wiring.

Turn the Power Back on

7. Clean Up

Finally, after the new lightbulb has been installed, make sure to clean up any debris or dust that may have been created during the process of changing the bulb. Cleaning up any mess can help to ensure that the area remains safe and free of hazards.

And there you have it! You are now ready to enjoy your newly lit kitchen. With a few simple steps and some basic tools, you can easily change out an under cabinet light bulb in no time. Make sure to follow these instructions carefully, and you should have no problems.

7 Safety Precautions to Take

1. Make sure the power is off. Before beginning any repairs or maintenance on an under cabinet light, it is essential to turn off the power in order to keep yourself safe. This should be done at your fuse box or circuit breaker, depending on your setup.

 Make sure the power is off

2. Allow the bulb to cool down. If the bulb has been used recently, it may still be hot enough to burn you if you attempt to touch it without taking caution. Use a kitchen towel or glove to turn off the power and wait at least 10 minutes before beginning repair work on an under cabinet light.

3. Wear protective eyewear. It is possible for tiny pieces of glass to break off from the bulb and fly into your eyes if you are not wearing protective eyewear. Make sure to find a pair of safety glasses or goggles that fit comfortably before attempting the changing the light bulb.

4. Unscrew gently. When removing the cover panel of the bulb be sure to unscrew the screws very gently. If you lose any of the screws in the process, simply replace them with similar sized ones from a hardware store.

5. Dispose of it properly. When changing the bulb under the cabinet, make sure you dispose of the old bulb in accordance with local laws and regulations. Many jurisdictions have special requirements for disposing of light bulbs that contain mercury or other hazardous materials.

6. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Most light bulb come with a set of instructions detailing how to replace the bulb safely and correctly. Make sure you read these instructions before attempting how to change under cabinet light bulb.

7. Check the wattage. Before doing it, it is essential to check the wattage of your replacement bulbs and ensure that they match the wattage of the original bulb. Using a bulb with a higher wattage could potentially damage your

Check the Wattage

Following these seven safety precautions can help ensure the changing is a safe and successful process. It is also important to remember that it should only be undertaken by someone who is comfortable with basic electrical repairs.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Will It Cost?

The cost of changing the light bulb under the cabinet will depend on the type of bulb you choose. LED bulbs are typically more expensive than traditional incandescent bulbs, but they use less energy and last much longer. It depends on how many lights you need and what type of bulb you choose. You may also need to purchase additional materials like screws, covers, and connectors.

Does It Need to Be Done by a Professional?

Yes, It can be done by a professional electrician or handyman if you don’t feel comfortable doing it yourself. It is important to make sure that the electrician is licensed and insured, as this will protect you in case something goes wrong. A professional may also be able to provide advice on what type of bulb to choose and what materials you need.

What Type of Bulb Should I Use?

When changing, it is important to use a bulb that is designed for the specific light fixture. Using a bulb with an incorrect wattage could cause a fire, so make sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully. LED bulbs are becoming increasingly popular because they use less energy and last longer than traditional incandescent bulbs. However, it is important to check that the fixtures are compatible with LED bulbs before the change.


Changing the bulb under your kitchen cabinets doesn’t have to be difficult. With these few simple steps, you’ll be able to do it yourself and reap the benefits of brighter lighting that adds visibility and style. Of course, if you feel uncomfortable doing any of the steps for any reason, don’t hesitate to call a local electrician or handyman who can help you make the switch in no time.

Keep in mind that when purchasing new bulbs for this area of your home, LED lights are generally recommended as they save energy and work more efficiently than traditional lamps. Finally, if you are changing an old halogen bulb, make sure to use gloves when getting rid of it, as its hot surface can cause burns. With these precautions in place and a guide on how to change under cabinet light bulb, changing those kitchen cabinet bulbs will be a breeze!

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